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Moderte logo 3/29/2015 Contessa Baird

This car has been a lot of fun for me, but I feel it is not fully insulated and creates a lot of background noise.

Favorite Feature : Comfortable to sit in, fairly reliable. The vehicle made a nonstop 4,000 mile trip with out any complications. Gives a sporty feel which is enjoyable.

Suggested Improvement : INTERIOOOORRR, everything breaks. The fact that most of the plastic in the car finds a way to break or crack is disappointing. Like the Man-box above the stereo and the sun visor clip. When hitting bumps during a drive the cd player will glitch. My Thermostat went bad @ around the 100,000 mile marker, $360 fix. I feel Mazda cheeped out on the much needed detail this car needs. But I still love her.

Average Rating : 2.625


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