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Money Sucking Vortex logo 12/8/2016 D Kuriger

I bought this car used from a dealer and within a couple of weeks sunk over $2000 when the transmission cooler exploded. This was a problem because the cooler is located inside the radiator and the antifreeze mixed with the transmission fluid and the transmission had to be cleaned out. Then the right front shock assembly broke. A simple, common part with only $50 labor. Except GM has stopped making parts for this car already. The mechanic couldn't believe it. I finally found the part from a junkyard on the other side of the country. Then another part broke and again, the part could not be found, so my mechanic made something that would work. It is now sitting on my driveway, the transmission finally gave out on it. I haven't listed all of the problems I've had with the car (heater doesn't work after 6 months, leaks every fluid like a sieve, warning lights randomly come on and then turn off, sometimes the window controls don't operate the right window, and on and on). This was a fun car to drive when everything works, but that only adds up to a few days in the last year. I'll never own another Cadillac.UPDATE: After the car sat, non-running in my driveway for a few weeks, I ended up selling it to a guy for $175 and feel like I got the best of the deal.

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