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Moonroof! logo 7/22/2015 Dean smith

Got the EX for my first moonroof. I traded my 2000 manual accord LX for the 2015 EX. My old car was a much smoother ride. The new AC struggles. I hope that improves once the windows are tinted. A car-stereo expert friend installed a great system in my old car, so I'm spoiled, but the speakers in this new car sound weak. There's a kind if matte finish on the interior hard surfaces that's easy to scuff. The back seat belts choke you--but that's the same as the old car. I don't think I'm getting the mileage touted.But the acceleration is excellent. I'm enjoying the computer bells and whistles (Bluetooth audiobooks streaming from my phone. Yay!) The trunk is enormous. The dash is easy to read (my husband has a 2013 Fit and the dials are really hard to read in daylight, I didn't want that model). I love love love the backup camera. Backing up is less dangerous! I'm liking the keyless ness, though it's taking some getting used to.My 2000 was a sweeter ride, but it was beginning to get repair pricey. I think it was a better-made car, though. I'm enjoying my spanking new car, who wouldn't? (moonroof!) But I'm thinking maybe I should have rented a new car to satisfy my jones and kept the 2000 Accord another three years.

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