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More compliments than on my Caddy logo 4/3/2017 Debbie B.

I love the spunk of this car! And especially the custom colorization. Since I was purchasing the car, I purchased all of the color accents that I could. The car is a beautiful dark blue, with red accents. I get compliments on the car daily. Everyone loves the look of it and especially the color accents. I previously has a Cadillac ATS and before that a Caddy CTS. Obviously both of the Caddys road smoother. But frankly, I got tired of the exorbitant repair and maintenance bills on cars that were only a few years old. Also, there was so much technology on the Caddy's that it was constantly in the shop. One even a needed a new transmission when it was just 4 years old. So I was looking to downsize, have a car with less electronics, better mileage and just a simpler ride. The Juke is all of that and more! I can't say enough about how happy I am. I purchased it in June of 2016 and it really does get 30 mpg. And I have had no problems in the 10 months I've had it verses the probably 8 times the Cadillac was in for service during the first year. Often, the service visits were recalls or simple technological glitches, but frankly I don't think a new car should be in the shop at all in its first few years. And that's the case with my Juke. Yes, the back seat is small, but it is typically just me and my husband and my mom and I fit in the back just fine. Yes, the trunk space is smaller than my previous car, but the seats lie down easily, so it's actually better then than before. Love, love, love it! Thank you Nissan for a solid, sporty car that spends more time on the road and less time in the shop.

Average Rating : 4


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