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More reliable than your Ford logo 12/8/2016 Adrian T

This car really holds itself. If you are looking for gimmicks such as Bluetooth or even a touchscreen or being quick or even for it to be a Toyota Landcruiser, you are in the wrong place. This car was built to be a commuter and a highway car. The Versa has great fuel economy and the transmission allows you to shift smoothly albeit you can feel the weigh of the car. This car loves 2nd and 3rd. The boot is spacious and really well-designed. My car is used every day in city 30%- highway 70%. I have changed the oil every 5000 miles with Mobil 1 and the air filter every year or so and will keep on doing till it dies. This car has been really reliable and has not let me down. I have transported up to 10 people in it with no problems. The only thing I dislike is that Nissan did not make this car with a turbo or offer an SR engine.

Average Rating : 5


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