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More than the sum of its parts logo 7/7/2016 Damzlfly

The market for compact/subcompact crossovers is not crowded, but there are plenty of options. I researched Hondas, Mazdas, Nissans, Kias and Buicks (online, in-person, test driving) before deciding on a Fiat 500X. It was a difficult decision because I was looking for a previously owned vehicle, but 2016 is the first model year of the the 500X. After four months, I got lucky and found a discounted demo that was fully loaded and haven't looked back. The transmission is... quirky. It took me a couple of weeks to find the balance between hesitancy and jackrabbit starts. I had to actively be the one to decide because the car couldn't really do it (and still can't). Nonetheless, I am still thrilled by the nimbleness of the X. When I need to pass at highway speeds, I have to do little more than think it and it's done. The entertainment/communications/navigation/electronic control panel is everything it should be. The ride is firm, but real issues in the road (e.g., railroad tracks, speed bumps) are handled with alacrity. After a month, I still wake up thrilled to get behind the wheel. So much style, so much fun.

Average Rating : 5


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