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Most "Honest" car on the market logo 8/9/2015 Bryan

Don't believe all the negative reviews from the media. The Mirage may be the most "honest" vehicle on the market today. Simple, reliable transportation with a quality drivetrain that delivers excellent mileage. The 3A92 motor is a very good motor designed for longevity. Timing chain instead of a belt with a double overhead cam. You shouldn't be able to wear out either the 5 speed or CVT. Other than replacing the clutch on the manual and changing the gear oil it should last a really really long time. The CVT is way over engineered for the Mirage. The JATCO Cvt7 is designed for up to 150hp and the Mirage has 74hp. Yes, with the CVT it can be kinda slow off the start but the Mirage just isn't designed to be a performance car. Once rolling along I've had no issues with passing. If you've ever owned a Colt, Metro, Fiesta, Swift, Echo, Aveo or any other low cost subcompact you'll love the Mirage. Is it perfect? No. The ride is soft and handling is a little wonky but I've gotten more than 50mpg on the highway. Better than hybrid mileage for less than 1/2 the cost of a hybrid. The haters are gonna hate this car no matter what. I'll just keep smiling at every fill up knowing that my cost per mile factoring in mileage & price of the vehicle just can't be beat!

Average Rating : 5


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