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Most Reliable! Fantastic! Safe Car Ever logo 5/27/2015 jayvon97

I purchased my 98 Avalon in July of 2014 for $400 at the dealership I worked at. When I bought it, it had 178,000 miles exactly. It had some minor problems such as it needed tires, brakes, a tie rod, and a fog light bulb. I did a oil change the day I bought it, got tires 2 months later. Eventually the brakes started to grind so I replaced those to. I am a teenager and I have a heavy foot, and this car was very responsive. I would race my friends who had newer cars and this car never failed to let me down. It was my baby honestly and I even named it Snow White LOL! I sadly got into a accident with it in January and it was totaled with 191,348 miles. I cant wait till I can get another Avalon.

Favorite Feature : Sunroof, V6 engine, comfortable leather interior, body styling, Just the car itself is amazing.

Suggested Improvement : I have no complaints what so ever, this car was perfect and would be perfect for a family or a first car.

Average Rating : 4.875


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