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most uncomfortable car ever logo 8/27/2015 Raul Ruler

If you really want a Camry I would suggest renting one for a weekend or longer. A 15 minute test drive is not enough to fully understand how uncomfortable this car really is. The drivers seat is enough to make you never look at a Toyota again. I have owned 9 Toyota's and this will be my last. You know how they say "This is not your fathers car" well it's true. Older Camry's were well built and reliable to a fault. Not so the 2015. I believe that the multi adjusting drivers seat has far less foam because of the mechanics they needed to squeeze in below. The car is a bear to get in to and I am only 5"10". Added to this is the glare from the dash. I thought highway safety had already solved this issue, guess not. You'll also find the floor mats are some cheap thin material made to look good.The dealer was all to ready to let me trade for another car (on my dime of course.) Toyota headquarters had me take a survey to find out if I was happy with the person I complained to. So here I am stuck with a car that gives me a back ache.Do yourself a huge favor and check out the others, do a long test drive, and take my advise .Don't buy the 2015 Camry.

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