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Most Unreliable Car We Have Owned logo 8/25/2015 Richard Klausner

This car, though a blast when it is running, has spent more time in the shop than any car we have ever owned. We have owned Honda Ridegeline, Toyota Rav 4, Nissan Pathfinder, and Honda Accord. This Volkswagen has spent more time in the shop in 45,000 miles than all of the other cars combined, and each of those were traded in around 100,000 miles. This car was supposed to be my wife's dream car, but it has turned into our worst nightmare. We have just been extremely frustrated with such an expensive car. After having to have the engine rebuilt at around 50,000 miles and being charged for parts that had just been replaced the year before, we gave up the car and bought what we should have bought in the first place, a Toyota. We are 20, 000 miles into the Toyota, and not a single problem. We lost a lot of money on the Eos, but we are glad it is gone!

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