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Mostly a disappointment logo 7/22/2015 Bill Vallante

2015 Subaru Forester 2.0 XT Turbo purchase late in 2014 - This is my first and my last Subaru. On the plus side, it handles and accelerates well and its safety record is (according to everything I've read) exemplary. On the downside, having just driven it through one of the worst winters we've had in these parts, I honestly don't see how this vehicle's symmetrical all wheel drive system is any better than any other SUV I've driven. I was not impressed. And Subaru's technology is both archaic and dyslexic with the Bluetooth being pretty much useless. When I tell it to dial a number, it repeats the number back to me and it ALWAYS gets the number wrong. The dealer has told me to speak louder - tried that, didn't work. Then they told me to speak softer - tried that, didn't work. Then they told me to turn off the fan - tried that, didn't work. Receiving calls while driving isn't a problem, but given the state of the Bluetooth system, when I want to make a call, I have to pull over and do it the old fashion way. Gas mileage is not at all as advertised. 23mpg city is an absolute fantasy. The reality is more like 15-18mpg. Throw having to use premium gas on top of that and you have one more reason I won't be buying another Subaru product. Air conditioning is ok, until the temperature hits the mid 80s. Then you sweat. Supposedly high end Harmon Kardon system fades in and out. Also had a tough time getting the rear hatch to open. Three different ways to open the hatch but none of them is manual. I've had occasions where all 3 didn't work and had to bring it back to the dealer. All in all I bought the Forester because of all of the great things I've heard about Subaru products. Sorry, I just don't see it. No more Subarus for me.

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