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Moving up from a Fit logo 8/11/2015 Selden

I purchased a Fit sport in 2009, and it's been a fantastic car. Excellent gas mileage, incredible cargo space given its external size, great handling, especially on mountain roads, and typical Honda reliability. At 104,000 miles, it has had one repair, a recharge of the A/C system 16 months ago. All that said, a Fit is a noisy car with a ride more like a sports car — you hear and feel every bump.Despite a lot of new features, the 2015 Fit didn't excite me, mostly because of the horrible CVT, and less cargo room. Thank goodness I waited until summer 2015 to pick up a HR-V. Adjusted for inflation, the EX model costs very little than a 2009 Fit Sport, but is a huge improvement. It's better in almost every way, quieter, more comfortable, stronger performance, better sound system, far better A/C, heated seats, moonroof, and the side and rear view cameras, which are more useful than I expected, plus "just enough" extra space, without adding excessively to exterior dimensions. About the only place where the 2009 Fit bests the HR-V is the dash mounted cup holders, which are very convenient. Living in the hot and sunny south, the improvements in the HR-V A/C system are greatly appreciated. The Fit A/C is adequate up to 95° in constant conditions, but it takes a while to cool down. In contrast, the HR-V climate control system is both more powerful and quieter, and gets a hot car down to a comfortable level in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, the front seats are no better. They aren't bad, but I have had better. I have only had the car for 24 hours, and already have put a mesh lumbar support on the driver's side, the same one that I used on the Fit. Seats are very personal, so what works for one person may be torture for another. The HR-V seats are "good enough" but could be improved. Between the adjustable seat height and telescoping/tilting steering wheel, it should be possible for almost anybody to find a good seating position, but even a perfect position can't compensate for a hard, flat cushion and too little lumbar support. The HR-V is an extremely versatile car. Number 2 on our short list was the new Mazda CX-3, which probably offers a better drive experience, but the screen sticking up from the middle of the dash, and much smaller cargo space made it a non-contender, even without a test drive. As of summer 2015, HR-Vs are in extremely short supply; we waited 5 weeks before getting the one we wanted, and were pleasantly surprised that the dealer offered a significant discount off the MSRP was a pleasant surprise. Overall, I am very pleased with the HR-V; no car is perfect, but at this price point, the HR-V comes pretty close.

Average Rating : 4


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