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MPG heavily dependent on velocity logo 2/26/2015 skh3

I bought my Prius C a couple years ago. It is a generally well-built car, but it is pretty slow to accelerate and is rather loud when the accelerator is pressed. Perhaps most importantly, it MPG is heavily dependent on the speed at which you travel. I mainly drive on the highway and if I drive 75-80 mph, I noticed that I only averaged about 40 mpg whereas if I drove 55-60 mph, I seem to have gotten over 50 mph. I don't know how the reviewer on this site stated that he is getting 64 mpg. He must be driving REALLY conservatively on the hwy.

Favorite Feature : Toyota reliability.Excellent fuel economy when driven very conservatively.

Suggested Improvement : More power. Quieter engine. Better MPG at higher speeds. Better outward styling.

Average Rating : 3.25


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