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MPG monster logo 6/12/2017 Fitz

Paying attention to what the mainstream reviewers focused on: 1) It's a CVT and you'd only notice the tone/feel if you were waiting for a normal upshift during light acceleration. If you stomp on it, it GOES. If you're looking for the turbo lag, you'll find it - but you'll also hit 60 in 7 seconds. There's just no downside to the normal needs of daily driving in this car. 2) "No volume knob". Yeah, you get used to the steering wheel controls. It was a non issue for me. I do compare it to our Ford Edge though. The Synch 3 has a multi-display (like radio and map at the same time) and the Honda's only shows one thing at a time. Both have advantages. 3) Lane Watch is better than looking backwards over your shoulder to your right side blind spot. I'm afraid the new habit will kill me when driving another car. 4) Styling: Never mind the opinions. Handwashing all the nooks and crannies is a pain. The number of textured features is incredible when you're sponging out seasonal pollen. 5) There's a lot of commentary about lack of lumbar support in the seats. Yup. I'm used to Accord level leather seats and these civic ones sometimes 'give' like an old recliner cushion. I have had no discomfort on my regular long commutes though. They also look great. 6) Handling: Sweet. When you start turning too hard/fast on a highway ramp, you can feel the dampeners take over and start subtracting G-force. It gives me the impression I'm being seduced into going faster when perhaps the car should be telling me to behave. I've gotten nothing but wild compliments and jealousy in this car. It's a lot of fun.

Average Rating : 4


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