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MPG Not Even Close! Rip Off logo 3/25/2015 wintersjaw

Me and my wife don't even come close to getting the advertised MPG of 38hwy/ 43city. We get a range of MPG from as low as 28 to as high as 34.5. We don't drive fast and have even tried to drive as slow as possible to get the maximum MPG.The computer says we do great, 38, 36, 39 but when we fill up it is apparent the computer is wrong. Toyota corporate tells us there is nothing wrong with the car because the computer says we are close to the proper MPG. The proof is in how much you fill up at the pump, not what the computer says.We spent thousands extra for the hybrid model and we feel like we were duped. We will never buy another Toyota or Lexus again. Would not recommend!

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