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Murano has too many common chronic repair issues logo 8/3/2015 Max Magliaro

The Murano has so many good things going for it. Comfort, power, 4 wheel drive, roomy, stylish.It is a shame that it has a list of failure points that Nissan has not fairly addressed with its customers. Newer model years after 2006 may be improved. I don't know. But the fact that they did not make good with their customers for the chronic defects in the 2003 - 2006 models is a major black mark in my book.The web is rife with common chronic failures in these vehicles, I have experienced enough of them, and Nissans'poor handling of their responsibility to the consumer, that I will never buy Nissan again.Items 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 below are all failures I have noted on the internet with enough frequencythat they are clearly chronic defects.2006 Murano, now has 88,000 miles on it.Among the failures:1. Front driver's seat bracket broke (I was one of the lucky ones who could get the repair done with a$300 part instead of the whole $1000 carriage). Outrageous. This is a manufacturing defect and should be a free recall replacement.2. Lower control arms - Just to replace worn-out BUSHINGS? You must be joking. A $250 job with $100 in parts forboth sides suddenly costs $900 to replace both control arms.3. Fuel pump sending unit (all "****" on the mileage display on the dash, and no indication of full/empty)4. Failed CD player5. Driver's side power window motor---------------So far, my CVT transmission has *not* failed, and I got a certificate with the car that extended the warranty on thatto 10 years or 120,000 miles. But I am nearing that deadline, and I'm fearful that it will quit and leave me stuck with an enormous repair bill. I will probably scrap the car if that happens.---------------Update: 4-Aug-2016Since my original review, nothing else major has failed on the car. But there are some minor things:6. Driver's side sun visor is operable, but is getting loose enough to occasionally droop. I have read of others on the web that have had it get so loose that it won't stay up out of the way of vision. I am anticipating having to make some sort of sleeve or add some set screws to firm-up the pivot point.7. Cup holder plastics and springs are brittle and break off easily. I've had to do several repair jobs on these, adding steel pins and plastic solvent cement to really make them hold.

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