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murano musings logo 4/29/2016 stephen ober

We've only had it a month so I can't comment on reliability, but other reviews seem to have been spot on. Very comfortable, enough power, decent mpg and nice to look at. They seemed to have gotten the CVT figured out, it's not offensive, which is high praise because until this one I've had no use for them. If you tow things, go mudding or want a sports car in SUV clothing this isn't it. If you're an empty nester and need to haul your stuff around on trips this is as good as it gets. Let me mention again - this car is really comfortable. The computer interface is well done, it's intuitive and easy to use. The interior materials are very nice and the layout is spacious. I really like the motor, it's got plenty of power and uses regular gas. I don't have much use for twin turbo 4's that need premium which are what the majority of its competitors are doing. All in all we're very happy with this car, if you need an SUV and want a comfort cruiser this is definitely worth a look.

Average Rating : 5


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