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Muscle car with split personality. logo 8/5/2015 Rich Bagay

This car is all about the driving experience. Fun to drive slow and easy and a blast to drive hard and fast.Vehicle is exclusive enough to turn heads as people try to figure out what BMW model it is. Not a lot of trinkets inside, just a big tach and speedometer. A throw back to how the old 2002 handled itself, simple controls and dynamic handling.Steering feel, numb. Fuel economy 24 to 30 M.P.G. Depending on how hard it's driven. Soft top, yeah.Start it up and a smile will come to your face and the six cylinder turbo kicks in.This car is all about expensive and exclusive fun. The automatic is quicker than the manual and can be driven through the gears.You will surprise people with the sounds and the acceleration. This baby is fast and still discreet.If gadgets get the 4 conv., if you like driving try the m235 conv.. A new category of BMW performance. 9000 miles- no issues. Do not see many of this model on the roadways. Still like the ride quality and the ability to quickly change the settings for enhanced performance.Smaller size with big trunk and back seat make for usable vehicle with a versatile automatic thats quick to downshift. First BMW with an auto. I chuckle when I hear its not a true M car. Its not. It is more practical and cheaper to operate than my my old M roadster with the performance of a 2013 M3. Only one BMW in the garage now but capable of multiple driving experiences whenever me or my wife drive it. I'll keep you posted.

Average Rating : 5


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