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Must get the standard transmission. logo 6/13/2016 Sean

Matted to the 5 speed standard gearbox this car is an excellent "driver's car". The transmission is easy to shift and very smooth although not as refined as some European offerings. The car handles well and acceleration is excellent. This car was reading 165 WHP on a dyno- completely stock! Those are very impressive numbers for a car that is getting 30+ miles to the gallon and an excellent start if one was to consider tuning the vehicle. The interior feels like a much more expensive car than it really is. My only gripe is with the Ford My Touch System- it can be very frustrating and difficult to use at times- even three years after owning the car. Also, this car gets a lot of knocks because of the automatic transmission that most came with.. well if you can't row you own gears I don't feel bad for you. If your buying a 4 cylinder vehicle with an automatic transmission I'm not really impressed with your decision making skills. A standard is always the better choice with a smaller engine.

Average Rating : 5


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