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Mustang GT w/Performance Pack to 2016 GTI SE logo 6/15/2016 Carlo Falco

Bought a Mustang GT with all options and the Performance Pack, which adds track level suspension and brakes. While I loved the sound and performance and look of the car, it rode so rough that I could not stand to drive it. Traded it in on a new GTI SE with leather, and I got the lighting upgrade. Excellent! Yes, I miss the horrendous power of the Mustang, but the GTI has some zoom too, especially passing at high rates of speed on the freeway - suprised me! The Fender stereo with Sub is the best I've ever heard in an auto, regardless of cost. I get 32.5 average at 80 mph. If you can stick to 70 mph, I have seen 44 mpg more than once. The only cons are the seat bottom and side bolsters - The Germans must think Americans all weigh 150 lbs or less. But after 3K miles, the seat is breaking in nicely. I wish I had also added on the Adaptive Cruise control, though becomes it also comes with Blind Spot Monitors. I also wish I had gotten the performance pack just for the brake upgrade, only because the GT had Brembos, and once you experience those, you will be spoiled for anything else. Overall this is an astonishing car, very quiet and smooth with the easiest shifting manual transmission you'll ever find. My last GTI went 250K miles and had no engine or transmission problems at all, in fact it didn't even burn any oil. VW's will go forever with proper maintenance and they all have 5 star crash ratings and are very fun to drive. Love it.

Average Rating : 5


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