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Muuuuch better than I thought! logo 8/19/2015 Wes

I've been a Toyota/Honda guy since 1987 because I've always been very happy with their quality and reliability. When I started looking at a full sized pickup, however, I broadened my search to include Ford for 3 very large reasons: They have come a LONG way in the area of quality, their Ecoboost engines offer great fuel economy, and Ford did not take government bailout money.I originally wanted the SuperCrew, but it did not fit in my garage (about 4 inches too long). So, I went with the SuperCab. The major factor that won me over to the Ford over the Toyota Tundra is the gas mileage. Even at today's prices, I could not justify buying a Tundra that will not get better than 15-16 mpg (real world) on the highway.I've now driven my 2015 2WD Ford F150 XLT for about 1500 miles. It may be a bit too early to draw any concrete conclusion, but at this point I do not think Toyota could have built a truck that is more solid or quiet than the Ford. I've been blown away by how quiet the 2.7L twin-turbo Ecoboost engine is, and the power is more than abundant. Ride quality is pretty much what you'd expect from a truck with an empty bed when going over things like railroad tracks and other bumps in the road. A bit jittery. However, when it comes to highway cruising I've been very pleased with the smoothness of the ride. I'm also very impressed with the sound deadening that Ford employed in the cab. This thing is quieter than the Toyota Avalon that I traded for it.Overall, at this point, I could scarcely be happier with my choice. This is my first ever full sized pickup. If things continue as they have, I think I can honestly say that I will be a Ford truck buyer for life. VERY impressed with the strides they have taken to produce a product with the advanced level of quality that I've experienced in this F150.

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