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my 1999 jeep grand cherokee 16 year review logo 6/12/2016 TJF

after 16 years of ownership, here's my take on my 1999 jeep grand cherokee laredo V8 4.7L AUTO/PS/PB/AC/etc.THE GOOD: exterior paint job is EXCELLENT and shows 0 signs of wear ... hats of to the paint department at chrysler on this one ... the interior ... excellent shape (no leather seats, just fabric) ... dash board - not 1 crack ... no weathering ... the interior has held up over the years and is in EXCELLENT shape. 4.7V8 Engine ... good power, been very reliable (1 exhaust manifold replaced), transmission solid ... just a sensor that went that made it shifting from 2-3 gear slip ... of course ive ALWAY ALWAYS ALWAYS changed my oil at 3,500 miles and done the tranny FLUSH on scheduled basis. visibility is awesome, some you CANNOT find today except in a subaru forester. towing is awesome. the size (particularly the length) is spot-on at 181" ... today's mid-sized SUV's routinely occupy the 190+" range ... seats are COMFORTABLE and still hold up - not great on LONG journeys though (500+ mile days). fuel economy is low, but not different than what i expected and it runs on 85 octane.THE BAD: electrical, sensors, water pump, radiator split, CV boots, leaking axles, AC, oil pump sensor, PCM - 3 times thus far and counting ... cannot but an OEM PC M must buy it remanufactored from less than reputable 3rd party suppliers, electrical wires between door jams fail/frayed, sensors, sensors, sensors. all these failures started occuring around the 90k mile mark ... and have consistently nickel and dimed me all the way to the 141k mark (where i'm currently at). i cannot trust the jeep to go anywhere other than locally in town ... and having paid close attention to the tranny and electrical issues on the '14 JGC (and the fact that chrysler corporate fatcat exec's elimanated the rear flip window, something i use EVERY DAY), i'll be running with the 2017 4runner when it comes in december '16 ...overall, the jeep has met my needs, but for people who keep their vehicles for a LONG time, dependability/reliability/durability is lacking.

Average Rating : 3


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