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My 2006 Ford Five Hundred with the CVT logo 8/4/2015 Judy Thompson

I love my car, I bought the SEL, it had the throttle body problem when I purchased it but didn't know what was the problem, brand new off the lot, and it too a long time for that to be recalled, in the mean time I had the TB "cleaned" twice then when the recall finally came they had to completely replace it and it was a bad situation really and very dangerous to drive. The CVT transmission has been great I love it! I have had no problems at all. The air conditioner stopped working properly after 4 years, had to start adding freon within a couple of years, and now we had to put stop leak in it. I hope that works. It is a comfortable car, I paid too much for it without many bells and whistles, but I still love the car. Only other problem I had to replace the alternator and battery. I then bought a 2007 Limited Ford Five Hundred 2 years ago. Great car, but seems to be a heavy car and more of a crusing car. I drive 100 miles a day to work. My black car sits until I can make sure the air works and purchase new tires. A deer hit me 2 months ago and put dents in the car really bad and since it has so many miles I am not repairing it. The 2006 has 238,000 miles on it, and I hope it runs another 100,000 at least! I love that car. But the 2007 Limited is not the car I thought it would be but it is still reliable and I still like it. I would love to have another brand new Ford Five Hundred like my 2006 model!

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