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My 3rd Focus logo 5/12/2015 sanfla52

This is my 3rd Focus. I decided to buy "new" this time, having bought used before and the cars were great. This one is great also in most ways. However, I do NOT like the transmission. The hesitation felt on acceleration is a big issue for me. Both of my previous Focus vehicles had quick acceleration. This one will too...but if you push past the "hesitation" then it REVS up to 3500 rpm and goes back down again, which I also do not like. When I bought this car I thought with it being new and the fact that I don't drive much that this might be my "last" car, now it will depend on how much I can tolerate that hesitation issue. No option to choose 4 cyl auto transmission which I have.

Favorite Feature : Very attractive vehicle, comfortable, the information screen

Suggested Improvement : transmission hesitation, road noise

Average Rating : 4.125


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