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My dream(affordable) car logo 7/23/2015 Slava

I've owned this car for about 3 years and have driven it personally for about a year so far(my mother was driving it before me) the interior is great looking but the material that covers the buttons is crap and supper cheap. The car handles very nicely and sounds great for a bone stock car. In terms of reliability, ive had only little things break like the glove box hinges and window regulator but WOW was it expensive-400$ for a window regulator. that includes the labor aswell. The sound system is great 10 spkrs all around and it comes with a sub built in if you get it with Bose. I've added 19in rs4 rims and man o man does it look nice. performance wise is a great cruiser but not that fast, like 0-60 7-8 ish seconds. a full tank costs about 60 and you'll be looking at 250-320 miles range. The only thing I hate about this car is the steering wheel, I cant really find a comfortable way of holding it since the stereo controls or in the sides but other than that great and car and I would consider buying another one. newer model of course.

Average Rating : 4


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