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My favorite car by my favorite manufacturer...BMW! logo 8/31/2015 Aimee Jason

This car makes car number 7 for me. I have loved BMW cars for as long as I can remember and my all-time favorite the BMW X5 since its market debut. But this boopie Nu-Nu...which is her THE BEST CAR I have yet to own. I purchased this car in December 2014....because I needed a car...and of course it was a BMW. I use to sell cars, so needless to say I got her for a great deal. And what a total blessing she has been to me. I knew she needed a new convertible biggie! And her top coat is peeling a biggie! But how does she run is what I NEEDED to know! And let me just say....Amazing! From day was love at first sight...then true love at first drive. Buy one...if you see it...grab it!!! Seriously! And she had 169k miles on her...and we are now going on 175k....and all I've needed...thus far (knocking on wood!) was an oil change...windshield wipers...and a tire due to a nail! I do take her to the BMW dealer....the best service too by the way...Otto's BMW in West Chester, PA....I love those folks. When she leaves there after an oil change....all clean and smelling good....she purrrrrrsss! As if to say....Thank You!!! I only put premium gas in her....Shell V-Tech w/Nitro....also the my car...nothing is too good! IJS And this is just for say.... This car is my first import, black car, convertible, coupe, rear-wheel drive, and sports car....but my BEST car first and for most. And that's how she got her name... NuNu...cause she is very Nu to me is so many different ways as an owner. Thanks for reading...and pay attention to the reviews on this car....cause they are true to life! #BMWGIRL #BMW4LIFE #ULTIMATEDRIVINGMACHINE

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