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My favorite car EVER, and I've had quite a few logo 7/15/2015 Chris K

My first car was a 1981 Accord coupe. Later a Civic, then a Prelude, Another Accord Coupe (all were manual transmissions). This EX is an automatic. Luxurious, comfortable, fast with the V-6, and has only required normal maintenance aside from a power steering pump/hose (recall), starter, a couple of belts and tires. At 11-yrs-old and 96000 miles, it is still our chosen "road trip" car, although our other car is newer. Huge trunk, back seats that fold down, you can't beat it. I bought it at 3-yrs old from a friend and still just love driving it. Close to needing the brake pads and timing belt replaced, but so what! Drove a Saab for 3 years in the middle, and after all the breakdowns, sold it and went back to Honda.

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