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My favorite car I've ever owned logo 8/21/2015 Alan

I bought this car for very cheap used. As I was short of money at the time but still wanted some power this was very enticing. The 4.5 V8 has a lot of get up and go. the suspension is quite soft so it usually feels like you are accelerating faster than you really are. For me, the engine has been very reliable. There has been very few fixes and none too serious. That being said, this is not an easy car to work on. there isn't a lot of room under the hood and if you have gorilla hands as I do it can be pretty tough. This car really shines when the interior is considered. After being spoiled with such comfortable seats for a long time any other car just isn't as nice. I stand 6' 3" and sit comfortably in the front and back. The seats are very plush and everything feels like solid construction. Overall a great car. I have fallen in love with older Cadillacs. Im approaching 200k and still going strong. Love this car

Average Rating : 4


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