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My favorite vehicle logo 3/17/2015 Bill Paul

Wish I stilled owned it. I traded my 93 Del Sol Si for my 94 Del Sol VTEC. More power, stabilizer bars, other features. The 160hp out of a 1.6 liter engine was the most powerful factory engine on the market that wasn't turbocharged. I kept it ten years, sold it, and got exactly my asking price. No need to advertise or haggle, I just put a For Sale sign in the window and people were stopping me on the street. It's a head-turner, probably because there are not many around. Also, due to mild winters here, my Del Sol was almost factory new looking.


Favorite Feature : The roof is a very nifty feature, stores in the trunk in a minute or less, and still leaves plenty of room for luggage for two for weekend, or even week-long, trips. My wife and I drove it everywhere, it pretty much replaced our Accord for short trips, just because it was so much **fun** to drive! Great gas mileage, good acceleration, and the manual almost shifts itself while still letting the driver know who's in charge.

Suggested Improvement : No improvements, Honda doesn't make it any more. But a suggestion, if you can find one, get it, you won't regret it! If you really want the VTEC, though, be sure that's what you're getting. People were buying the VTEC logo at dealerships and gluing it to the rear trunk so the S or Si would pose as a VTEC. If it's original, the VTEC came, as Henry Ford said, in any color you wanted, as long as it was black (or for the Del Sol, red). If it's white, green, blue, or anything other than black or red, it is not a VTEC or it's been painted. Ask questions. The VTEC engine logo was very prominent on the engine, and the beefed up stabilizer bars could be seen under the hood. Buyer beware. Enjoy!

Average Rating : 4.875


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