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My first Buick logo 12/8/2016 frank1906

I always thought of a Buick as an old mans car.. At 60 which I feel is not old, I bought my first Buick. In my lifetime I have owned about 20 cars. This by far is my best. I loved my old cameo's and my Lincolns the best was the MarkVII, But being in this car is fantastic, My last 4 cars were Lincolns but this is better then those. I have the premium model, plenty of head room even with the sunroof, the electronics are plentiful, and the ride QUIET. I admit the back is a little tight, but I don't have to many trips with a back seat person. .I looked at the Audi , I looked at Honda, but I feel for this one the minute i got behind the wheel. With an outstanding warranty and a dealer who really looks after you.. I will be happy with this car for years to come.

Average Rating : 5


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