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My first car and a great car logo 6/3/2015 meekos

I bought this car from my neighbor as my first car when I was 16 (3 years ago) for 1,200$. It had 179,000 miles on it or more when I bought it. It now has 210,000 miles on it. I would say I probably could have gotten more miles out of her, but she was my first car and I learned a lot of maintenance lessons with her (like always get your oil change and don't let you car run out of oil). I was rough on this poor thing and because I had to get a new car. However considering I put 30,000 miles on her and she lasted me as long as she did, I think this car is a great reliable car. I have never been stranded with her. Gas mileage was 34-38mpg until I drove her out of oil, the mpg just started dropping after that. Some of the stuff I had to have done on her: I had to replace the radiator (which is a common repair needed for this particular car), valve lifters and brakes, and I had to replace the idle air control valve. As long as you keep oil in her, she will be your best friend!UPDATE: She finally died on me as of this year with 211,000 on her odemeter. She probably could've of lasted a bit longer if I hadn't been so hard on her. Many lessons have been learned as a new car owner with this one.

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