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My first car ever at a mature age.... logo 9/9/2015 Maria Travis

I waited along time to buy my first car, new or used. I don't have anything to compare this car to so this won't be a very technical review.I was going to go for the Scion tC until I saw the previews of the 2016 iA. I watched many YouTube videos of the car being driven. I liked what I saw. I didn't care that people said the face looked like an Angry Bird. I love the way it looks. For the "Pure Price" it fit the bill for me in that I could avoid the pain of haggling with a salesman because I am so NOT a haggler. The car's size and all of the components that were all standard in this car attracted me. I have not driven 100 miles yet and I have yet to see the gas level move from full. The seats are very comfortable for me and the back seat felt as comfortable as the front. It handles well and it's great to park being smaller in size. Two things I don't like are the equality of the radio sound and the sometimes lagging acceleration but overall, I am happy with the 2016 Scion iA.I think it's a great first car, whether you are a teenager or a mature-ish person like me.

Average Rating : 5


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