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MY FIRST CAR!!!! logo 7/18/2015 Miss Price

This was a Christmas present to myself- boy what a great first car!!! I love driving it- it is extremely dependable and despite being told not to drive it in the winter I gave it a go with the rear wheel drive, got stuck and was able to get myself out by shifting the gears from reverse to drive(I have a CDL) so I am an excellent driver!!! Anyone thinking of passing this on to a younger sibling it is a wonderful idea - I am so proud of my car and it keeps a young person focused since it's like a baby with constant upkeep... makes you responsible and educates you(foreign and all electric... if the battery goes everything goes). I have to make sure to start it up each winter day if I leave the battery in and run it for about 20 minutes or else pay the price once the battery dies! I RECOMMEND TAKING THE BATTERY OUT WHEN LETTING IT SIT LONG PERIODS OR HAVING IT IN STORAGE SITUATIONS. Other than that guys.... take it from a chick, this vehicle rocks and I love it!!!! Currently have over 200k miles and will keep it... never selling it- just will do upgrades and replacements!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Mercedes !!!!

Average Rating : 5


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