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My first car logo 7/25/2015 Taylor

This is my first car that I paid for myself. I bought it used for $7,000 at 120,000 miles. It was previously owned by the son of the car dealership owner so it's basically still in brand new condition. I've now had it for 3 years. I've had to replace the alternator and battery and a part for the fan vents. It sticks and the cheap plastic piece broke so I couldn't use defrost because it was stuck on front vents. The interior is pretty much 100% cheap plastic and everything rattles and makes quite a bit of noise when driving, however, the car has never NOT gotten me where I need to go. On top of that, I love the fact that it has 5 cup holders. I also had the chance to test drive one of the newer Focus models back when I bought this car 3 years ago and noticed that the visibility in the 2005 was actually better in my opinion.

Average Rating : 5


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