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my first purchased car ! logo 8/17/2015 STEVE GONZALEZ

I bought this 99 Nissan maxima when I was 21 the car looks great ran great as others I have had coil problems but after fixing them It was good. used only synthetic oil ! only used 76 gas . 87 unleaded of course. I have changed the oil seals myself. the car still runs great. reseale value totally blows I rather keep it. the purchase value was outrageous. I don't know what I was thinking.. if you drive it fast you burn the gas as fast. being it is a v6 ! I love my maxima I also have a 2007 Honda accord. cant compare them.. the maxima has great speed and the better engine. I think. the accord handles a lot better great on gas. but I will always love my maxima ! being that I am from California and the roads out here are bumpy I love my v6 to out run the smaller 4 sissy cylinder cars out here.

Average Rating : 4


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