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My first step up. logo 8/8/2015 Lee Nalley

I have had my MDX for 10 months now and have several problems that cannot be explained: The indicators for blind side vehicles will go off when no one is by them; the gas cap light will go off when nothing is wrong; the front breaking light will go off when there is nothing in front of me; and the windshield wipers will go off when it is nice and bright and sunny. I'm told at the service area that they can't find anything wrong and cannot pinpoint the problem, but will keep checking the their update sheets and if anything comes across, they will let me know. This is a safety issue as far as I'm concerned as the breaking light comes on, my reaction is put the breaks on.Also, have a problem with the windows being down at high speeds, the tailgate wants to try to pop open, you can see gaps appear along the sides. Again the service agent cannot find anything wrong.I have the heated seats and it feels as if they were never turned off, making it a little uncomfortable during the summer months.The interior is comfortable, but with a lot of road noise; handling is good and acceleration is really good.I am sorry that I spent what I did for this car.I have since traded my 2015 Acura for a 2016 GMC Acadia and am much happier with the overall performance and handling.

Average Rating : 3


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