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My first SUV, my first Lexus logo 4/18/2015 es123

I bought my NX 200t AWD about 3 weeks ago. This is my first SUV and I am very happy with my selection. The body design is far ahead of any other SUV. I had been driving an Acura TL, a 2006 and 2011 (AWD SH)so it was difficult to make the switch. The Lexus has good pickup and handling is fine. It's not an Acura so I have to slow down a bit on curves. I love the quietness and smooth ride of the NX which was always mia in the Acura.The NX is fun to drive but you need to have it on "sport".There was little negotiation on price as they were unwilling to sell the SUV for less than the pre-arranged Costco price. If you love the vehicle, you pay the price.

Favorite Feature : The body design - not a box.Comfortable seatsturbo responseMichelin tires - quiet and smooth rideAbsorbs road bumps like a luxury vehicle should.easy exit - seat and steering wheel retract

Suggested Improvement : Fold down rear right and left head restraints.Center arm rest should be able to move forward.Owners and Nav. manuals are over 300 pages each. Quick-start booklets need a little more detail.

Average Rating : 4.5


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