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MY GENESIS 4.6 logo 4/18/2015 jerrymax

I bought my 2009 Genesis six months ago strictly as a touring sedan. I quickly put 1200 miles on the odometer on a road trip and only another 1200 more since then. It is a beautiful car, very comfortable and moves like a rocket if you tap the gas. The build quality is rock solid and the 17 speaker sound system is the best I've ever heard. I'd give it a top rating on everything but the "fun to drive" item due to steering that is precise but feels sort of numb. But as a full-sized luxury car it's not meant to handle like a Porsche.

Favorite Feature : The stereo system is awesome and so is the acceleration. With 375 hp under the hood there aren't many cars on the road that this thing can't leave in the dust. The seats are very comfortable on a long trip and the car inspires confidence in the driver. I'd advise using the cruise control or else you will find yourself at 90 mph without knowing how fast you're moving. It is that smooth a ride! I also think it's a great looking car. I've parked it alongside a mid-sized Mercedes and a BMW 5-Series and I honestly though the Genesis looked more impressive than either of them.

Suggested Improvement : I've noticed that on a bright sunny day the back-up camera screen can be hard to read due to glare. Loosen up the steering somehow so that the driver feels more connected to the road. My car came with Micheline tires on the front and Dunlops on the rear. As with many other Genesis owners, I've discovered that the Michelines wear well but the Dunlops just do not last. I am 66 years old and I don't burn rubber on acceleration yet the Dunlops look shot at 24,500 miles while the Michelines look almost new. How about using 4 Michelines instead of mixing up the tires?

Average Rating : 4.875


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