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My Grandfather's Car with Gadgets logo 8/15/2016 Tom

First the exterior and ride is beautiful; it rides like my 2012 E-Class and its only a C. Hats off to MB they did that right. However, the interior layout is very disappointing. First, the gear shift is now on the column like my grandfather's 55 Chevy. The gear shifter is flimsy and clumsy to use. I much prefer the floor gear shift which makes the car feel sporty. Next the E-Brace M System is clumsy and cumbersome to use. Everything, I mean everything is in the E-Brace from climate control, to maps, to the radio is in there. The screen is about 2x the size of 2012 E Class. It mounted on the dash as if some one mounted in a big screen TV in their basement wall. The center console looks barren, and with the E-Brace mounted between the seats and the TV set just hanging out there, the elegance of a luxury car is gone. In my opinion, its not attractive at all. I have owned 4 Mercedes, and its does not look like I will be buying my 5th. I was planning on looking at a CLS but most likely I will hang on to my E-Class until I figure out what to buy.

Average Rating : 4


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