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My Last Car Was A BMW logo 8/2/2015 Ray Sheldon

Had the BMW for 13 years and loved the car, but the maintenance became an issue. Bought the 2014 Accord EX with 15,000 miles on it and have had it for a year now. Two road trips and daily use. Mileage on the road trips averaged 36...around town it's less as one would expect. The car is more of an appliance than something which elicits emotions one way or the other. That said, the longer I have this car the more I like it. The car has some pleasant surprises which were unexpected. Back up and the right turn cameras are very helpful. We hadn't experienced bluetooth before and like it a lot. Otherwise no real surprises.Things we like:Fit and finish is excellent. It's a bit spartan but everything is where it should be. Well designed and engineered in this respect.Good storage in the trunk and elsewhere. Carries two golf bags sideways which was a criterion.Large information screen for on-board functions.Love the two cameras. As a result, there are no blind spots.CVT transmission is great. I like the 'S' drive function to help brake going down some of the hills and mountains nearby.Bluetooth is a good thing...plays music from my phone, telephone is hands free, and the navigation system on my phone talks to us through the radio.The sound system is good or better than the Bose in my daughter's car.Keyless entry and starting function is great. I've left my keys in the car while trying to lock it on several occasions, and it won't let me do so...which I appreciate.Hill stopper works great on the aforementioned hills and mountains.Minor Minuses:Seats are a bit uncomfortable on long trips.More road noise than I'm used to but less than my daughter's CRV...can live with it easily.Acceleration is modest at best...but, at the end of the day, it does get up to speed without much fuss.The fold down rear seats don't fully recline.The trunk cavity into the passenger cabin is quite small.

Average Rating : 5


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