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My Last "premium" Jeep logo 8/21/2015

Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel 2014: I'll start with Do Not Buy anything that costs 50k+ from Jeep. I don't think they know anything about supporting this level of cost of automobile. Their service is absolutely horrible. Not at the dealership lever but the corporation itself. I have had numerous problems with my DEF system since purchase. I am at 14900 miles now and still have issues. I have been to the shop 5 times now. It has all so far been related to the emissions system. ]When I call Chrysler I talk to some of the rudest people I know in customer service. They reflect the same level of satisfaction I have come to expect from my Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel 2014.As I type this I am waiting for parts to come in so I can take it in again. Just this morning I got a DEF message pop up. I called my case manager and could not get a hold of her. Every time I call the general team number it goes to voicemail. So I called Chrysler Corp and spoke to a rude person who said she cant help and would put me to my case manager. She did and I got voicemail. It's like they don't really care at all about their product or satisfaction of the customer. I am looking into a legal means to get my problem resolved. I hope there is a class action lawsuit against these guys to teach them better responsibility.

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