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My little Korean logo 8/10/2015 Anders Bang

I have my Elantra since 2013. So far I only got 16500 miles on it, and it has been running fine. MPG's on the highway is great, I see upper 30's and a few times over 40. It is not a race car, the 1.8 does not have a lot of torque. I never use the ECO mode since it makes the car feel slower, and forces up shifts. I am sure some people will like it, but it makes the car even more dull to me. Half a year ago a lady nicely decided to crash test it by hitting me with her Isuzu Trooper. The poor Elantra crumpled as intended and i got out without a scratch, though in need of a new front end. The stock tires are terrible, I can't wait to wear them down a little more and buy some proper ones. The car is roomy, easily sits four people. I am 6 foot 4 and have no issues being comfortable in the front. Very good trunk space too. Buy a spare tire if you want the safety, it is not included.

Average Rating : 4


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