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My midlife crisis car that became my nightmare logo 8/4/2015 Richard Prell

After returning from a deployment to Afganistan I decided I wanted something with a little get up and go. I had always had Buicks which I have nothing bad to say about any of them. I have always serviced my cars regularly and my Impala SS was no exception. I was trouble free for the first year of ownership and then it all unraveled. First the transmission let loose. While doing the transmission I asked them to replace the leaking oil pan gasket and rear main seal. When they took off the gasket they found pieces that are part of the timing chain area in the pan. The car did not jump time but the motor had to be removed and a new chain installed because the other one was loose. 5000 dollars later I have my car back. It is not that I dislike Chevy it is the fact that i was told by numerous mechanics that the pieces around the timing chain were a mistake from the factory. Americans work very hard for there money and I find it inexcuseable that someone in the factory assembled this wrong and it got by how many quaility control people?

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