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My new 4Runner logo 6/19/2016 fred jorgensen

Never had a 4WD vehicle before but took my new ride to the nearby mountains to try it out. Got worried real quick on a few trails that put me at bad angles, but the SUV handled them real well and improved my confidence fast. Worries of low gas mileage, EPA rates at 18, already higher if I limit the 4WD. Last fill I got over 20mpg, but my last car was a Prius which averaged nearly 50. I'm doing okay and expect to get better mileage as I go along. Have been driving Toyotas for 30 years and never had a bad one. At my first fill-up, the guy behind me came up and said I'll enjoy the 4Runner, he has over 300k miles on his with only two minor problems. I expect the same from mine.

Average Rating : 4


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