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My new shiny red car logo 8/8/2015 Nicole

I have owned many different vehicles in the past include two Grand Cherokees, a Firebird, Escape, Land Rover, and a Corolla. My new 2016 Elantra is by far the BEST car I've ever owned! The Value Edition offers many bells and whistles that I've not been used to on other vehicles I've owned. I was highly impressed with the heated seats, touch screen radio, Bluetooth, back up camera, sunroof, and XM. With Hyundai, they give you 90 of XM subscription for free. However, I already had XM in my Corolla so all I had to do was transfer the service from the Onyx box to the vehicle itself. I absolutely love the fact that my vehicle includes hands free calling. I travel A LOT for my job and being on the phone while driving is part of my everyday job. I was not even planning on really buying a vehicle the day I purchased my 2016 Elantra. My Corolla had just turned 100,000 miles and was starting to really show its wear and tear. I went into the dealer to look at a 2013 model that I saw for sale online. My luck-they had just sold the car that morning. The salesperson asked me to consider buying new due to the warranty and the fact that a new car was not much more expensive than a used one. He asked me what features I was looking for in a car and after I told him, he suggested the value edition for me. After looking at the car and starting the engine, I fell in love with it instantly. It had so many features! After taking it for a test drive, I knew I was going to purchase the car that day. The only changes I would make to the vehicle is the power of acceleration. (I am cognizant of the fact that it's only a 1.8 4 cylinder and that it's not going to have much power). However, it gets great gas mileage despite not having a lot of power. The only other feature I would add is power seats. The handling is perfect and it has an extremely smooth ride. The sound system is excellent. I will definitely buy Hyundai again!

Average Rating : 4


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