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My second Jeep Grand Cherokee! logo 6/15/2017 Curtis L. Bradley

The base platform of the 1999 to 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee is awesome! I am a 35 year certified mechanic! I loved my first one so much I bought a second! So far I had 1 4.0 Laredo and now my 4.7 Limited. Ok, so the good. These things will run over snow,ice,mud! Very comfortable, and have features to make your ride pleasurable! Decent fuel mileage. And great storage space! I am on call most weeks and have to travel with m Jeep, parts, and tools. I can separate work and home with no issues! Both engines make great power, the V8 being the best! Towing my 16ft trailer has never been an issue with either! The creature comforts of my limited takes it one step further! Now the bad! electrical failures! Had trans shifting problems, window problems, fuse problems, and engine electrical issues. Because I am a mechanic, no big deal! On the 4.7L the biggest issue was the engine! They tend to throw rocker arms! Secondly the steering! Both Jeeps suffered from death wobble for different reasons. Lastly, the brakes! The rotors tend to warp! Not sure, at this point, if it's a design flaw. So much as I think a ad mechanic. My new Jeep suffered te same issue at 110,000 miles. I rebuilt the system myself, on both Jeeps, and not had an issue again. So to end. If my Jeep were to die tomorrow, I,d be looking for a third! Remember I am a mechanic, so I have tooling and parts! I can do the needed work myself! Which makes my cost of ownership much cheaper!

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