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My Second logo 5/18/2015 zct888

My first BMW was a 328i which I got new back in 2007. I really liked that car in many ways. This time around I was looking for something bigger and faster that could handle a mid west winter and the crappy roads that such winters leave behind.I looked at various choices and settled on a CPO 2012 535xi with sport package, tech, premium, cold weather, sound.Although I've only had it a short time, I've been hugely impressed thus far. There's a lot of power on tap, but at the same time it gets great MPG. The ride is also spectacular, absorbing all but the most obnoxious of road imperfections.

Favorite Feature : The sport package improves the look and gives you the most adjustable comfortable seats I've ever seen in a car.I love the auto handbrake feature, no need to keep your foot on the brake at a red light.Also love the different driving modes:Eco Pro is just annoying, I can't see why a BMW driver that worried about fuel economy wouldn't just get the 528i. Comfort plus is a bit too soft for a BMW. Comfort is perfect for cruising around town or on the freeway. Pop it into sport and the car sharpens up noticeably making it much more aggressive and fun. Sport plus is probably more for the test track than the commute to the office, since many safety features are disabled in this mode.

Suggested Improvement : The iDrive is still not 100% intuitive and I'd like to see some modernization of some things. But they are going to be refreshing this model in 2016, so if I buy another from 2016 onwards, I'm sure they will have addressed that.Time will tell how the car holds up, but my initial impressions are great.

Average Rating : 4.75


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