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My Sportage is SeXy! logo 4/25/2016 Ryan Zilker

I have had my 2017 Sportage SX (FWD) for 4 weeks, and 1500 miles. I love it. I had a 2015 Honda CR-V[ibrate]. The Sportage feels like such an upgrade with all of the luxury and technology features, the turbo engine, the quiet interior, the better sound system, the improved handling. Honda is supposed to be the reliability king - I had problems and dealers unwilling to figure out the causes. As a loyal Honda customer (I've had 5), I was nervous about moving to Kia. So far, so good. I'm really happy that I made the move. Kia engineers seem to be really trying to put out a quality vehicle, and so far with the Sportage, they have. Comfortable seats, engaging driving dymamic. Honestly, it feels a little like a grown-up version of my 2010 VW GTI. Friends have been giving me sh!t about moving to a Kia...until they ride in it, and drive it. They're surprised. My only complaints thus far are the fuel efficiency (or lack thereof) and the numb steering.

Average Rating : 5


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