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My sporty yet responsible purchase! logo 4/3/2017 Erica

I have had my Hyundai Elantra Coupe GS for over a year now and still wouldn't trade it for anything (except a Nismo but ya know, that's beside the point.) The breaks are always reliable even in Florida's heavy rains. The acceleration is awesome even when in Eco Mode. I can sit in the car for long trips without my back hurting. The Bluetooth hooks up easily to my iPhone and makes driving and talking SO much easier because I can keep both hands on the wheel. My car came with aftermarket backup sensors but it is still really easy to maneuver without them. The handling is awesome no matter what the weather conditions are like. The only maintenance I've had to do to the car is regular oil changes, tires and an occasional air filter. I get between 27 -30 in the city and that is with occasionally driving like a bat outta hell. I don't do much highway driving but I could only imagine how awesome it would be. It is also easy to get in and out of because to door opening is so big. All in all this car is great and I would highly recommend it.

Average Rating : 5


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