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My sweet little OJ logo 9/13/2015 Jane S.

I bought a white 2dr 2000 Chevy Blazer (yes called OJ because my mom thought it was a bronco) with 148k on it and it's been pretty great. It's very responsive to turning, acceleration is a little slow sometimes but once it gets warmed up it shifts really smoothly. No problems with the engine although we did find out later that we were driving without brakepads for almost nine months and the car still managed to not kill us. It's very spacious with the seats down in the back. The car is pretty comfortable and a great size, I tend to think of it as a lifted sedan. Pretty much a gas guzzler, averaging around 20 mpg. Sometimes it won't shift out of 4 wheel drive and the CD player doesn't work half the time, which are apparently common problems with the car. Otherwise no issues. I love it to death and would recommend it for anyone who needs a car with some cargo space or as aa starter car. They are really cheap so believe me it's a steal.

Average Rating : 4


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